Vibrating Prostate Masturbation Toys Versus Stationary Toys

by admin on November 10, 2011

Having to decide between using a vibrating male g-spot toy or a traditional butt plug toy used for anal masturbation is a hard decision to have to make. Both of these toys have the capabilities of making you cum like crazy. The type of toy that you decide to use for your anal exploration activities will have to be based off of your sexual needs.

Using Vibrating Prostate Masturbation Toys

I will advise any guy that is new to prostate masturbation to use a stationary toy, before graduating to the various vibrating toys that are available. Some of my favorite vibrating toys are the Mangasm Buzz and the Mangasm Edge. Both of these toys are large in their stature, and will send vibrations to your erogenous zones.

The Mangasm Buzz was designed to resemble a traditional butt plug. In fact, when I first came into contact with the toy, I wasn’t sure it was a stationary toy or a vibrating one. I quickly found out when I had my husband use the toy, that it had vibrating capabilities. One of the best and easiest ways to get a guy off with one of these toys, is to allow them to insert the toy into their anal cavity first.

Once the toy has carefully been placed into this forbidden place, turn the vibrating capabilities of the toy on and you are ready to cum. One day my husband was using the Mangasm Edge and I grabbed the controller out of his hand. With this controller in my hand, I was able to control the intensity of the vibrations that were being delivered to his male g-spot. Anytime I seen him getting antsy about having the toy in his anal cavity, I increased the intensity of the vibrations. The look on his face was priceless.

Using A Stationary Prostate Masturbation Toy

Stationary prostate masturbation toys, are also commonly referred to as butt plugs. Most guys that are interested in anal play will attempt to use one of these toys first. The toys are fairly simple to use, and they do not vibrate at all. The Mangasm Alpha and the Mangasm Rush are two butt plugs that I encourage all guys to try out at least once.

These toys are pretty basic. All you need to do when using the toy, is apply a decent amount of lube to its outer shell. Once you have applied the lube to the outer shell of the toy, simply slip the toy into your anal cavity, and stimulate your cock like you would during normal masturbation sessions.

The pressure of the toy pushed against your prostate gland will cause you to feel a high sense of arousal. As you become more comfortable with the toy being in your anal cavity, move the toy back and forth. The pressure on your male g-spot is more than enough to trigger a prostate orgasm. However, by moving the toy back and forth, you will not only feel pressure on your prostate gland, but you will also experience a little bit of rubbing in this area, which will definitely help you reach your orgasmic peak.

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